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Notes and special requests

Terms of service

General Business Conditions

1. Establishing a business relationship

By submitting your order you have entered into a binding agreement or contractual business relationship with us. With the submission of an order confirmation per Email to you or the delivery of the ordered articles we accept your offer. Upon receiving your order we initially send you a confirmation of receipt per Email to the Email address you have initially provided us. A formal sales order only is validated however when you receive our order confirmation per Email or the goods are delivered. A series of actions occurs with the submission of an order from our Online shop the first of which is your choice of item. The second is your submission of customer data including your invoicing address and the shipping address, should that differ. The third step is your choice manner of payment. The final step is the opportunity to review all of the information you have submitted and to correct any incorrect information regarding for instance your name, address, means of payment, and the items you wish to order prior to clicking on the Submit Order link which completes the process.

2. Filing the order

We then 
place your order on file. Prior to the submission of your order, you may print this out by clicking on the Print link. We then send you an Order Confirmation with all of the order details and our General Business Conditions which then are sent to the Email address you provided us.

3. Ownership of ordered items

All ordered, delivered items remain our property until entirely paid in full.

4. Prices, Shipping and Handling, Return charges

All charges are final prices and include the legal Value Added Tax, where applicable. The smallest acceptable order is 50 Euros. The cost of shipping averages out to 4.95 Euros per order.

Shipping costs for animal transport cages vary according to destination and choice of product based on size and weight.

Should you wish to exercise your right to return an item, freight charges are your responsibility, if the value of the item is under 40 Euros; however, if you purchased an item at a higher price, or if at the time of refusing the order have not as yet made payment or paid a contractually agreed upon installment payment. Otherwise, we will bear the return shipping costs.

Used animal transport cages cannot be returned because hygienic reasons.

5. Delivery

In as far as nothing to the contrary is stated in our offer, delivery takes place within two (2) working days of our shipping department’s receiving payment. In case of consignment order based on a billing document or payment by bank direct transfer, delivery takes place within two (2) working days after the arrival of the order confirmation in shipping unless otherwise stated in the offering.

6. Payment Conditions

Payment may be made in a variety of means such as prepayment by bank transfer, pre-payment purchase order, per direct billing to a bank account, or payment on delivery.

We retain the right to determine manner of payment. Should prepayment be requested, we will provide the necessary bank information in our order confirmation. Payment is to be made to our account within ten (10) days. You may only hold back payment if there is provision to so within a contractual purchase agreement.

7. Guarantee

The fulfillment of guarantee is based on the legal conditions determining the same. In so far as the matter of the sales contract pertains to used wares, and the Purchaser is not the User, fulfillment of our Guarantee, the guarantee does not apply and will not be considered. Should the Purchaser be the User, the guarantee’s validity is one (1) year.

8. Data/Personal Information Protection

Within contractual conditions regarding the creation and execution of a sales contract as determined by law, all data and personal information provided us will be used in compliance of legal extents permitted by law in regarding to collection, retention and use of data.

By using your computer’s IP-Address and the time and date of connection, your computer’s browser and hard drive a protocol is established also which also reveals which pages have been visited. We have no intention nor possibility of extrapolating this personal data for our usage.

The personal information you have provided us per Email or order placement such as your name and contact information will be used only for correspondence purposes with you and then only made use of for the purpose to which you have made said information available to us.

We will only make that information which is necessary to deliver your order available to the shipping company which is concerned with your order. In order to enable payment to take place we will only give your payment information on to that financial Institution concerned with the same.

We guarantee that your personal data/information will not be passed on to third parties except if you explicitly so desire, or if it is legally required in compliance with data protection laws. In compliance with the conditions required by German Federal Data Protection Law regarding the execution of contractual obligations and fulfillment of contracts, these will be respected vis-avis third parties.

Length of Data Storage/Retention

We will retain person data transmitted us per Internet only as long as is required to fulfill the purpose for which it was provided. In compliance with commercial law and tax code liability, this may last up to ten (10) years with certain materials.

Your Rights

Should you not be in agreement regarding the retention and storage of your
personal data, or if these data are incorrect, we will in a proper manner within the limits of the legal stipulations, we will initiate action to allow the deletion, correction or blockage of access to the same.

At your request, we can provide you without charge all of the information regarding you which we have in storage. In order to inquire about your personal data information regarding notification, correction, blocking or deleting, please contact us at:

GRADLYN G. K. Airfreight Service – Gradyn Kennels GmbH, Cargo City Nord, Tor 26, Geb. 458, 60549 Frankfurt /Main. - Germany.

We can not guarantee or be legally responsible for the contents, accuracy and thoroughness of our online offers which are presented by third parties or linkages. This also applies to guarantees regarding protection of personal information thus acquired. As we have no influence over their compliance with said laws, you should make special inquiry into their compliance with same. In compliance with Paragraph 13 of the Telemedia Law we are required to provide this information.

Legal Recourse

German Law shall be exclusively applied. This shall be the case unless there are no compelling legal grounds of the country within the jurisdiction in which the purchaser resides or is generally present to do otherwise.

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